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Count on us to create energy at your corporate event, wedding, outdoor festival, or private party. We'll keep them dancing and singing along while you collect the all the compliments.

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We'll bring the hits. You bring your dancing shoes. Together we can make party HISTORY!

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We're always looking for something new to groove to. Leave us a suggestion of a tune you'd like to hear (Offer excludes 'Free Bird'.)

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Did Someone Ask For Harmony?

With 5 great Wunderlick singers leading the songs, you're sure to catch some great harmonies. Of course, you're welcome to sing along!

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Meet Your New Favorite Party Band!

There's just something about a low, steady thump of a bass drum that makes you wanna tap your feet. Add in a bass guitar, and you gotta stand up and bob your head. A touch of keys, and a splash of guitars gets your body moving. Melodies and harmonies make things complete: Look... you're dancing! We LOVE making people dance. Whether we're playing a corporate event, a wedding, a bar/restaurant gig, or a private party, we'll only be happy if you go home with sore feet and great new memories. We're the party people. We're about to be your new favorite party band.

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