Girl Power? Meet The Ladies Of Wunderlick

Lizzie, Rachel, and Sarah take their customary ‘selfie’ before a show.

Sure the guitars are loud and the drums and bass go boom, but what makes Wunderlick memorable? I mean, the guys aren’t much to look at, are they? If you’ve ever seen Wunderlick live, chances are you noticed the girls: Rachel, Sarah, and Lizzie.

Though they were originally hired as temporary background singers for the band, it quickly became clear how much the ladies added to the lineup. Today, each of them share lead vocal duties with the guys in the band and provide great harmonies throughout the set. Let’s get you up to speed on the ladies of Wunderlick:

Rachel Bates

Rachel is always hustling! She splits her time between her job as a unit clerk at St. Vincent’s Kokomo and as a server at Texas Roadhouse. She previously studied at the Ball State School of Music and has lots of stage experience performing with local theater group, including the Kokomo Civic Theater, Tipton Community Theater, and the Ole Olson Theatre. Rachel is a member of the Diminuendos, Kokomo’s community choir.

Rachel says that her favorite Wunderlick cover song is “Straight On” by Heart, and her favorite singer/artist is Regina Spektor.

Sarah Swoverland

Sarah is a Graphic Designer, and co-owner of Gridwise Design and Media in Kokomo and serves on the Howard County United Way Communications Council. Previously, she was a member of Northwestern’s choir programs including the Varsity Singers as well as being part of her church’s choir in the past. She’s stepped back into the musical performance realm with Wunderlick.

Sarah’s favorite Wunderlick cover song is “Wish I Knew You” by the Revivalists. Her favorite singer is Paul McCartney.

Lizzie Vautaw

Lizzie is the Accounting Manager at Solidarity Federal Credit Union in Kokomo. She’s played piano and keyboards since she was 10 years old and brings that skillset to the band on top of her vocal responsibilities. Additionally, she has been a member of the IU Kokomo Crescendos, and is also a current member of the Diminuendos.

Lizzie’s favorite Wunderlick cover song is The Eagles’ “One of These Nights”. Her favorite singer of all time is the late Karen Carpenter.